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Church members in good standing may schedule celebration events and may host meetings that contribute to the welfare of the community.  Good standing is defined in the New Haven Baptist Church Constitution & Bylaws as a member who has attended church services on a regular basis (average of 4 services per month) for the past twelve months. Non-members who join and have been regular attendees for the past twelve months can have the twelve months as a member waived upon approval of the Church Body. 

When scheduling, you must read all terms of agreement on this page and submit your request through the web form below. Scheduling occurs on a first come, first served basis. Church calendar of events is maintained by the Church Office. The member acquiring the facility must be in attendance at the event from opening to closing of activities and insure that participants are not in any areas of the church or cemetery other than the fellowship hall, fellowship hall bathrooms, kitchen and/or playground, and must complete the event checklist (link below) and return it to the church office.

  1. All garbage cans are to be emptied and placed in the outside bins and new garbage bags are to be placed in the cans.
  2. No white chairs or tables are to be removed from the church premises.
  3. No church table linens or dishes are to be removed from the church premises.
  4. No food is to be left out or in refrigerator or kitchen.
  5. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted on church property at any time.
  6. Heat/air is to be set to the proper temperature (posted beside thermostats) before turning off lights and locking all doors.
  7. Floors, countertops, tables and chairs are to be cleaned from use and set up in the same order as found upon entry.
  8. All scheduled events must comply with insurance standards.
  9. In the event of a funeral followed by dinner, the need to re-schedule any other events may become necessary.
  10. If you leave items in the Fellowship Hall in preparation for your event, the items need to be marked with your name, event, and date. Any unmarked items will be assumed to be donations to the church.

Activities deemed not acceptable for Fellowship Hall Usage are:  amateur basketball team practices, dance classes/recitals, tumbling, martial arts classes, secular band practice, secular music, and parties / activities / demonstrations designed to generate income for purposes other than charitable donations to non-profit organizations.  *Exceptions can be approved by the Deacon Board.

If you have received a loaner key from the church office, please return it as soon as possible as there are other events taking place that will need to use the key. If you have any questions about this form please contact the church office at 423-569-8081.

Please print the Event Coordinator Checklist linked below. Complete all items on the checklist before leaving your event and sign & date the checklist. Return the signed checklist to the Church Office.

Please provide a working phone number where we may reach you to confirm your scheduling or discuss any necessary details
Please provide a valid email address where we may send you any necessary documents or details concerning your event
Select any that apply
Please enter the date you wish to reserve the Fellowship Hall (mm/dd/yyyy)
Please enter the hours you wish to reserve the Fellowship Hall on your requested date (ex. 4-6 PM)
Please briefly describe the event you are requesting to hold in the Fellowship Hall